Abstract submission

The Online Abstract Submission closed 8 March - thank you for your submissions!

Notifications regarding acceptance of the abstracts will be sent on in due time.

The 19th ICC Conference 2019 Science meets Technology will address the following topics:

  1. Processing and cereal products (milling, baking, pasta, extrusion, non-thermal processing techniques, starch functionality, separation technology)
  2. Quality and Safety (quality evaluation, grain performance, mycotoxins, chemical residues, acrylamide and other processing contaminants)
  3. Ancient and Novel Grains and Legumes (pseudocereals, non-traditional grain sources)
  4. Food Additives (enzymes, additives, clean label)
  5. Food Security and Waste Reduction (availability, affordability, sustainability, climate change, plant breeding, added value creation from by-products, storage)
  6. New Methods and Instruments (rapid instrumental techniques for quality determination, novel methods for quality assurance)
  7. Cereal Nutrition (gluten-free, wholegrains, glycaemic response, calorie reduction, dietary fibers, gut microbiota, micronutrients, functional components, reformulation for healthier products)
  8. Market Trends (consumer perception of cereals, food trends, international trade, block chain technology and its implications)

Journal of Cereal Science

BEST POSTER AWARD: The The Journal of Cereal Science will be sponsoring 2 ICC awards for innovative or exceptional work in cereal research. The awardees will be selected from the poster submissions. 

Attention students!

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